Pao Srean, National University of Battambang

Project Role: Co-investigator; responsible for analysis of on-farm practices and collaboration between project and NUBB.

About: Pao Srean has a Ph.D. in Ecology from University of Girona in Spain and is currently a Dean of Faculty of Agriculture and Food Processing at the National University of Battambang in Cambodia. His research has focused on on-farm research in upland and lowland cropping systems in Northwest Cambodia. His current work emphasises the importance of reduced tillage, conservation of crop residues, and sustainable intensification and diversification of rice; and strengthening informal seed systems, conserving and promoting neglected and underutilized species. Current research activities include soil health improvement through reduced tillage, conservation of crop residues, and multipurpose legumes in crop-livestock systems, neglected and underutilized crop species for food and nutrition, approach to sustainable intensification of smallholder farming systems in Cambodia.

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