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What farmers want…

A key objective of the first year of the research project, was an effort to determine what farmers want. This aim is the basis of centering farmers, and of better understanding the issues that shape farmer decision-making in the context of agricultural technologies. An associated challenge is the risk of ‘finding what you are looking for’ (i.e., do the researchers ask questions such that we end up concluding that farmers want what we expected) or, even more challengingly, do farmers censor and respond strategically such that they ‘provide the responses that they believe the researchers want’.

Pailin inter-cropping with fruit trees

During the surveys, a number of questions sought the farmers’ perspectives on their land, their livelihoods, and their views on the future. Many indicated that they would like to transition to fruit tree production. This was both a logical and expected outcome of the farmer surveys, as we had found such perceptions during the 2013 pilot survey. In addition, as of August 2018, there is a widespread, organic emergence of fruit tree adoption and inter-cropping.

Steph and Eric ran across an unknown farmer who has invested in large concrete piping – presumably to help with drainage – and irrigation for citrus. Between the citrus are Longan trees. This is the first we have seen of citrus in the region, and it is a distinct possibility that the Longan/Citrus is a trial or experiment. We will keep our eye on the farm and see if we can track down the owner.
During the recent visit, the inter-cropping was most often with maize, but there were also examples of fruit tree inter-cropping with cassava.
Inter-cropping with Fruit Trees


Villages and the Demonstration Farms

ACIAR Samlout Case Study: Village Locations


ACIAR Pailin Villages and Demonstration Farm