Mid-Project Meeting

In September of 2019, we will host a mid-project meeting in Battambang, Cambodia. We will hold the meeting at the Hotel Stoeng Sangke, with meetings and discussions held at cafe Eden.

Participants will arrive on September 16th, with the meeting beginning with a field visit on the morning of the 17th. The 18th will explore the project findings to date, with the 19th discussing extension, engagement, and interaction with farmers in the region over the remainder of the project.

I plan to record a presentation a couple weeks before the meeting, with the goal of providing the background information, summary of the objectives, and team biographies. PLEASE SEND ME A PHOTOGRAPH THAT YOU DON’T MIND ME USING.

Dinner on the 16th will be held at Jaan Bai, while excellent coffee is just around the corner at Kinye.

A preliminary schedule can be found downloaded below. The schedule is (mostly) organised into 1 hour blocks, which I envision to include 20 minutes of presentation, 20 minutes for discussion and questions, leaving us with enough time between blocks for the bathroom, water, and to address any matters that arise.

PLEASE SEND ME YOUR TITLES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If you have any suggestions for edits or alterations to the schedule, I would be grateful for the support or suggestions.