Forum Theatre

How do we share our research findings and knowledge? In answering this question, researchers from Uptake of agricultural technologies and best practices amongst farmers in Battambang and Pailin provinces wanted to do things differently. And so we partnered with Lakhon Komnit, a local Battambang-based grassroots Cambodian theatre group. We wanted our research to reach people at the grassroots level and Forum Theatre is a form of communication which can successfully achieve this. Click on the links below to find out more.

“What is happening through this whole collaboration is that the expert knowledge about agriculture is getting transferred into the hands of the farmers who are going to use it to change their practices and improve their living situations”.

Bonny Coombe, Lakhon Komnit

Watch Ups and Downs, A Forum Theatre Play

“When the group comes to perform here like this, people can gain so much more awareness”.

Forum Theatre participant

Watch the documentary: The making of Ups and Downs, a Forum Theatre Play to find out more about the collaboration between the University of Melbourne and Lakhon Komnit.

“It’s also an opportunity to have the time and occasion to share experiences between farmers and others in agriculture”.

Sophanara Phan, Chief of Agronomy and Agricultural Improvement, Pailin Province

The insights we have gained from the theatre productions and audience responses will be analysed and developed into a written output for the project, available here.