Successful Cassava Growing

We are currently developing this new page with resources for successful cassava growing. Updates coming soon.

CIAT Resources
CIAT (the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture) is a key hub for research of cassava in Cambodia, as well as across the Asia and the world. There are several key projects on cassava production in Cambodia, including emphasis on seed production and circulation to combat pest and disease transmission; ACIAR-funded efforts on marketing systems; work on Cassava Mosaic Virus (CMV); and work on the Cassava Genome.

FAO Resources
The UN Food and Agricultural (FAO) is another excellent source for information on Cassava production and challenges, with Cambodian-focused activities. The FAO’s ‘Save and Grow’ manual is an outstanding publication, with in-depth presentation of cassava production and its associated challenges. The FAO has a global cassava strategy, which emphasizes cassava’s malleability. The ‘fact sheet’ is a useful point of reference to begin exploring cassava as a crop, especially the ‘myths’ that shape how it is understood. This includes cassava’s reputation for soil degradation.