Katharine McKinnon, University of Canberra

Project Role: Co-investigator; Responsible for Community Economies

About: Assoc. Prof. Katharine McKinnon is the Director of the Centre for Sustainable Communities at the University of Canberra, and Chair of the Board of Directors of the Community Economies Institute. She is a human geographer with extensive field experience in participatory action research in a range of Asia-Pacific contexts including Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Thailand, Laos and Indonesia. She specialises in collaborating with members of the community and professional actors to better understand how to maximise place-based opportunities for sustainable and equitable futures, building strong livelihoods and community well-being in ways that are suited to local cultures and economies. Her field experience has included work with semi-subsistence agricultural communities, marginalised urban communities, and ethnic minorities. Gender and economy, health care, cultural survival and development practice are central themes of her work.

Further information: https://www.canberra.edu.au/about-uc/faculties/education/staff/katharine-mckinnon