Professor Katharine McKinnon, University of Canberra

Project Role: Activity 4 Lead

Project: Next generation agricultural extension: social relations for practice change

About: Professor Katharine McKinnon is the Director of the Centre for Sustainable Communities at the University of Canberra, and Chair of the Board of Directors of the Community Economies Institute. She is a human geographer with extensive field experience in participatory action research in a range of Asia-Pacific contexts including Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Thailand, Laos and Indonesia. She specialises in collaborating with members of the community and professional actors to better understand how to maximise place-based opportunities for sustainable and equitable futures, building strong livelihoods and community well-being in ways that are suited to local cultures and economies. Her field experience has included work with semi-subsistence agricultural communities, marginalised urban communities, and ethnic minorities. Gender and economy, health care, cultural survival and development practice are central themes of her work.

Further information:

Centre for Sustainable Communities, University of Canberra

Tel.: (+61) 0402 520 107