Dr Van Touch, University of Melbourne

Project Role: In-Country Lead; Activity 3 Lead

Project: Next generation agricultural extension: social relations for practice change

About: Dr Van Touch is a cropping system researcher. His educational backgrounds are in agronomy (BSc Agr), Rural and Agricultural Development (MScAgr) and Climate Change Adaptation in Farming (PhD). His professional experiences are around implementing agronomic on-farm research, experimenting crop simulation modelling, analysing climate change projections, analysing agricultural market value chains, and coordinating several agricultural research and development projects. He teaches at the National University of Battambang (MSc’s Agriculture and Climate Change Adaptation course). His research interests are in building resilience for farming sustainability, agri-economic computer modelling, climate change projections, data science, and models for scaling farming technologies and practices.

Further information:

School of Geography, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Melbourne

Email: van.touch@unimelb.edu.au